Warlords Under Siege



1 Map

16 Cards

8 Enemy Types

2 Player Units

1 Hero

7 Buildings

Demo features one map, with one enemy race (Orcs & Goblins), and a pre-defined deck of 16 cards.

 Player has access to seven Tier 1 buildings, including Archery range and Swordsmen barracks.

December 2022

Early Access

2 Maps

180 Cards

20 Enemy Types

15 Player Units

1 Hero

15 Buildings

Deck Building

Early access features deck building, 13 buildings with 3 tiers, a selection of 15 units, and 180 cards to choose from.  


Full Release

5 Maps + map Editor

190 Cards

23 Enemy Types

20 Player Units

Custom Hero Editor

19 Buildings

Deck Building

Full release features a host of new cards, new heroes, new units and new buildings with unique upgrades. You will also face a new enemy, the undead, and fight on two new battlefields.